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Open top roll off container
Open top heavy-duty roll-off container

The heavy-duty Roll-Off container is without a doubt the most popular one of its kind, because of its clever design and its economical cost.


Due to its unique rounded vertical posts, this roll-ff container is more streamlined and has accrued structural properties.


This type of container is used mainly for collecting building material- commercial or industrial renovation, dry waste, recovering specialized materials or transporting waste. Available in capacities of 8 to 78 cubic yards.


Open-top extra heavy-duty roll-off container

This extra heavy duty roll-off container is meant for extreme use and is mainly utilized to collect heavy and abrasive metal, like steel.


The container is built with close-set square vertical posts, a 1/4" thick floor, a stronger frame, etc.


Possibility of different options. Available in capacities of 20 to 91 cubic yards.


Environmental Roll-off container
Environmental Roll-off container.

This environmental container is designed to dispose of hazardous waste. 


It is equipped with a sealing joint, two door clamps, a placard holder (to identify content) as well as a long-lasting and resistant tarper and roll-over bars to protect content from exterior conditions.


Durabac offers 3 types of roll-over bars.


Available in capacities of 8 to 57 square yards for all models of roll-off containers.

"Bathtub" style roll-off container

The stackable "bathtub" style Roll-Off container has a structure that is lighter than any other roll-off bins.


The walls are completely flat, which makes stacking easy. Up to nine bins can be placed on a platform, and this translates into considerable savings. Available in capacities of 8 to 45 cubic yards.



Open Mini Roll-off container

Because of its reduced length, the Mini Roll-off container is designed to fit in limited spaces. 


This type of container is used for residential construction and roofing waste, commercial waste and bulk transportation. 




Available models
Roll-off container for various recycling

Roll-off type container with multiple openings intended for bulk recycling.


Compactor receiver container

The roll-off Compactor receiver is a closed container. It is used for storing compacted waste, which reduces frequency of disposal.


Two models are available: All purpose strong compaction container, heavy duty container for extreme use.


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