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Our team includes professionals from the refuse management industry with several decades of experience in manufacturing, maintenance, sales, operations and service of refuse management vehicles.
Our mission: Delivering the future, Today!
Driver of innovations, focused on introducing more efficient refuse collection bodies in order to optimize our customer’s operations, for a greener world.

from our customers: why they choose the inpak asl
The Inpak automated side loader can load more than any other truck we currently operate. With a greater capacity body it allows us to save many trips to the landfill, resulting in significant fuel savings. Our operators find the Inpak easy to use, the controls are simple and the automated arm is fast and also very smooth.

Services Environnementaux Richelieu,
Director of Operations

In order to support our growth strategy, we've recently elected to go with the Inpak ASL. These trucks provide us with the best payload possible while adhering to the road weight restriction imposed by the government. We've adjusted our garbage and compost routes to maximize their capacity, we've effectively reduced the number of trips to the transfer station. In recycling, this truck will carry a good load and because our trucks with Inpak are lighter, we save a lot on fuel.

Wastec active member
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