Compactor with
Full Eject System
Full Eject System for safe and easy unloading
Heavy Duty extrusion rail tracks
Round shape delivers a smoother compaction
InpakShield interchangeable floor wear plate
Patented dynamic automated arm
Weight: 850 Lbs / 385 Kg
Reach: 13.4 ft from the frame
10.9 ft from the initial stored position
Collect carts: 32-96 gal / 120-360 liters
No mechanical adjustment needed
Customizable on board
intelligent system with
simple controls

Programmable to fit your
collection needs
Two level patent pending compaction system
Sweeper closes, no spill over
Low hydraulic needs
InpakShield interchangeable floor wear plate
Hopper capacity: 96” X 60”
The World’s Most Profitable Automated Side Loader
This equipment is YOUR SOLUTION for LARGER PAYLOADS, increased efficiencies driving OPERATING COST REDUCTIONS for a more PROFITABLE BUSINESS! The Inpak Vehicles ASL is a side loader body that will allow you to save time and energy while collecting your garbage, recycling, composting and food waste routes.

The Inpak ASL is 30% lighter than standard ASL¹ Total equipment weight: 10,000 lbs /4,536kg
Loads 30% more² with its cylindrical shaped body Capacity 30,000 lbs /13,607kg
Total volume capacity of 43 yd³/ 33m³ Mounted on a standard 3 axels chassis
Delivered with the Sweepn’Seal compaction system Uses less parts and low hydraulics needs
The SniperXL10 automated arm is fast and easy to operate No mechanical adjustments needed
Engineered and designed to limit swinging and knocking Smoother collection and less stringent on operators
Doesn’t need to be painted, it simply won’t rust Economical, ecological and esthetically appealing
Operators experiencing over 15% savings³ It requires low maintenance and less fuel to operate
Fuel savings Lighter body weight / Bigger capacity / Less trips to landfills
Your solution for (CNG Powered Chassis) Maintain your payload (lightweight)
1 Standard common ASL used, percentage will vary depending on the equipment.
2 Average garbage payload 30,000lbs on a 10 Wheel chassis, local legal road restrictions vary by State or Province.
3 Fuel savings will vary based on operator, engine performance and type of chassis used.

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Patent Pending. All specifications may change without notice.

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